Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Hello Again!!

OhMy! it has been to long. to long. to long. I can't believe its been longer than a month since my last post. it makes me sad i haven't been able to post lately. i miss it dearly! as well as reading all of your wonderful blogs! My days have been filled with sweet desserts. laughter. dear old friends. extra work. surprises. little sleep. many cups of tea. snowflakes. more work. a new hair colour. new friends. research. party planning. and a dream come true!
This semester i have three extra classes. Which takes up all of my precious free time. i only have two more months and then im finished with school. and i can sit back and enjoy summer! which is my dream come true...im moving back to hawaii!! I cried i was so happy to hear my family decided to pick up and move back, and i shall go with them. finally back to my home sweet home. of course i shall miss my beautiful winter wonderland. but my frozen little toes and nose will be so happy to be back in the warmth of the sunshine.

This past week hannahlove came to visit. It was such a lovely week getting to spend time with her. i hadnt seen her in two years!! you can image how excited we both were to finally see each other again. We spent our nights on main street eating crepes and sitting around the warm fire. we met a drunk old lady who was the cutest little thing. she made us laugh the whole time she was by the fire. we also met a guy from hawaii! i was so excited to meet someone from my home sweet home. Hannahlove is home and i miss her. mainstreet isnt the same without her. but my cousins, aunties, and uncles are flying in today for a week. so our house will be full of people. I love having family visit.

Saint Patricks Day, i bought myself a big cookie. and shared it with my little sister. and even gave a tiny piece to isabella. she thought i was very delicious and wanted another piece. but my little sister and i had already eaten the whole cookie. all that was left were tiny cookie crumbs on our fingers and around out mouths. i sat back today and wrote in my notebook, another little poem...
You're the sparkle in my heart
That makes my smile grow
Because with you I laugh
When I'm with you
My soul dances
And heart takes flight
Because with you I dream
Your something special
Because with you I live
Life is so much happier
When you're here
Please oh please don't leave
My heart tells me
I have a secret crush on thee....
Izzy is curled up and ready to go to sleep. i've had a long day and tonight is so cold. i think ill fall a sleep in my fuzzy jacket. like a snow angel. Goodnight lovelies. I shall be back soon with more sweet posts. Thank you thursday afternoons for such a wonderful awad. I was full of smiles and giggles to see such a thougthful gift waiting for me.