Saturday, April 18, 2009

a short post with snowflake eyelashes

Easter morning i woke up to find a tiny gift waiting for me on my bathroom counter. i slowly opened it to find the prettiest little headband. mascara. a pinky lipgloss. and some yummy chcolate. i started nibbling on the chocolate before i could take a picture of my sweet gift.
i stumbled upon the cutest little tag this week! but i cannot remember where so i am sorry i cannot mention the sweet blog i found it on. All you have to do is answer with the first thing you think of when you read the phrase. & tag two people.

Don't forget to: kiss me goodnight
Can't live without: the midnight moon & its twinkling star friends
My last dream: made me laugh
The place you miss most: home
Going out: for breakfast, is my favorite
Close your eyes: &im in your arms

i tag the creative Michelle from Sticky Kitten & Sara from Thursday Afternoons <3333

it snowed all day yesterday. &i was trapped in the house. i looked out my window & watched as the snowflakes came falling fast from the sky. i had a tiny photoshoot with my little sister. she wore a pink tutu i made a while ago. it was a bit silly of us. but we laughed and had fun.

Monday, April 6, 2009

i want to be a star. to glow and shine.

I visited the next town over this week and stopped in a tiny shop on their main street. i found a pair of peacock earring that i absolutely loved. they somewhat get lost in my auburn hair but the blue and green catch your eye. the lady working in the shop was the nicest girl i have met in a long time. she made me laugh and showed me around the shop and all the little things they had for sale. i also found a tiny stick of perfume. its so darling. its perfect for my purse and purple! one of my favourite colours!
It was my parents anniversary last night. After going out to dinner to celebrate we all came home and my mother and i watched the movie Stardust while eating a very chocolate coconut pie she made the other day. Have you seen the movie? it was darling! i fell in love with it and i secretly wish i lived in such an adventurous and magical world. where they sold babylon candles to transport you to any place you thought of, where unicorns came to your rescue, where a boy would come and throw rocks up at my window during the night and take me a to a beautiful picnic under the stars with champagne and candles. and how lovely would it be to glow like a star every time you got that tingling feeling inside or felt so overly happy. if you havent seen the movie you must! it was just the cutest.
Im sitting by the fire nibbling on a slice of banana bread my sister made for breakfast this morning. Outside the sun is out and the snow is melting slowly. my week ahead is to be lazy. stay in bed. drink tea. paint my nails. watch movies. and bake sweet sugary goodies while still in my pajamas. Finally after all this work ive been ever so studiously working on while hidden away in my princess chamber I have an entire week to sit back and relax. To stay curled up in warm fuzzy blankets. and sip delicious tea from pretty little tea cups. and catch up on very needed sleep.