Friday, September 4, 2009

silly me.

The starfish are my friends. they hang out to keep me company when everyone else has left me. they make me laugh as they sit on my keyboard. dancing away as i type. do you have lovely friends like my beautiful starfish-ies!?
i jumped in the shower early this morning. as i stepped out of the shower i realized i was still very sleepy. i could smell the coconut and vanilla of my shampoo and conditioner as i sat on my bed ready to fall back asleep. all fresh and clean. but i couldn't. i had a very busy day to get ready for. izy got very annoyed with me moaning and groaning about having to stay awake that she got up from the foot of my bed and hid behind one of my rather large pink pillows to get as much sleep as she could with out hearing me mumble.

After counting to ten and making a wish i jumped up and finished getting ready. i couldn't find my blush brush, so i pinched my cheeks, grabbed izy from behind my silly pink pillow, slipped my sandals on, and ran out to my car. it was raining! the two of us got all wet.
i quickly dropped her off at the doggy salon down the street and drove to the cutest cafe you've ever seen. i had a delicious acai bowl with coconut! it was so yummy i almost forgot to do my devotions as i sat in the cafe listening to smooth jazz music. i made a few more errands and before i knew it, it was time to go home...
i got home just in time to make dinner which was quite a masterpiece. considering im a bit more than a little under the weather. i made quinoa pasta with kale and bbq chicken. i don't eat meat but my family does. i couldn't make them suffer by only having healthy pasta for dinner, so i made them their favorite chicken to enjoy along side my healthy pasta dish.
the night has been with me for quite some time now, and my day was rather exhausting so it is time for me to fall asleep with my pink pillow and tiny puppy. good night lovelies!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


When i close my eyes...
i'm climbing to my secret hiding place away from everyone up in the magical green misty forest where i'm free to write and daydream with the raindrop fairies and sound of little birds chirping away bringing a smile to my face.
I'm snacking on a few delicious cookies my mother baked for lunch. And I'm back to blogging! I'm terribly sorry I left without a warning. One crashing wave lead to another shiny of a star which led me far away from a computer for quite some time. But I promise you I am back and I shall never disappear without warning again(: hello blogging and goodbye summer...
I hope you all had a wonderful summer! There is much oh much to much to try and fill you in about my summer. But I had a wonderful time running barefoot threw the sand. Laughing into the night. Crying with loved ones. Partys with sweets and magical drinks. Counting the stars. Filling the quiet of the night by playing beautiful music. Jumping up and down only to smile bigger and bigger. Tanning in the lovely sunshine. i have lots to catch up on! i cant wait to read all your lovely special blogs tomorrow morning over breakfast!