Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A Quick Hello

hello darlings!

i am having such a lovely time here in california. seeing my dearest friends and sweet cousin. shopping down melrose and eatting cake at little cafes. buying christmas gifts and finding the cutest little black flats, for myself. seeing a certain celebrity (he was very much a cutie) and taking tons of fun pictures.

i have no time to actually post with pictures and tell of my adventures. but i promise to when i get home. tomorrow i leave very very early to head to georgia. how exciting. seeing my sweet charles michael after such a long time. i have tiny butterflies in my stomach and my little cheer faires in my head are jumping up and down for joy.

im off to pack and get to sleep. Night!

much love to all,

Sunday, November 23, 2008

all smiles today

such sweet comments to come back to after a long day of traveling. Thank you! i had hoped to post before i left, but i was still packing an hour before leaveing for the airport. i was sent this pretty picture of the sunrise yesterday morning from my betsie Olivia.

yesterday i had taekwondo testing. hehe. it was my first test. i only just started. i was so nervous but i broke a board and passed my test. after passing i hurried home to finish packing and leave for the airport. such a long drive it was. but such a yummy lunch to make up for the long drive. a sweet pastery and green tea.

california isnt as cold as where i live now. but it was still cold. so i cozzied up to the fire for a short while while i waited for my best friend to get to the hotel. shes spending thanksgiving here from hawaii!! i was so happy to see her.

thank you again for the smile bringing comments! i am off to get ready for the day. today i will spend at Disney Land. i will be back with magical pictures for you all. and i will be sure to reply if not tonight tomorrow morning.

have a lovely weekend!

Friday, November 21, 2008

not so very good.

Well today i took my computer to the computer doctor. guess what he told me...something i wished all night not to hear. my little blue computer has died. all is lost. pictures, memories, videos, messages. all gone.

i think i had a few tears drop down my face.

i will get over it. tonights sleep hopefully will give me sweet dreams and ill wake up to a better day than today. do u think so? i sure hope so.

i have to pack my bag tonight for tomorrows flight to california. my sister has been so sweet to let me use her computor, so i will post in the morning before i am off flying in the clouds.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

my poor little computor

i was in the middle of posting when all of a sudden my computor made high pitch beeping noises and shut off! and i wasnt able to turn it back on. hopefully, it will work soon! i am on my sisters computor, but all my pictures are on my little computor. so no posts until i can fix it.

off to bed i am, after a cup of tea. i wish sweet dreams to all.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

tea for the week

so very very busy i have been! lots of lovely things filled my week:
a cup of sugar cookie sleigh ride tea. vanilla cake. christmas music. chocolate covered strawberries. jasmine tea. lots of studying for different tests. packing bit by bit. alterations to a dress i bought 3sizes to big. card games with my sister. food fights with my mother. dancing and singing. napping. long phone conversations. sweet smiles. dreaming. painting. more smiling. sugar plum spice tea. laughing. picture taking. staring up at the stars. milk and cookies. christmas shopping. lots of planing and thinking for the future. and slowly wrapping pretty little gifts.
my ceiling is covered more than before, but still not completely. today i mailed lots of little letters out, wrapped a few gifts, practiced the song santa baby, and had lots and lots of tea. im recording a christams cd, for fun, this friday. im nervous and excited. the songs playing now are songs i recorded for fun, a while back. this week ive got to pack pack pack! and study study study! thats all i should be doing, but of course as always, i get distracted.
i talked and talked and talked to my best friend last night. a much needed conversation to make up for the past few months. it was so good to get to talk to her. made me smile the night away. it is already wednesday and i leave saturday, and there is oh so much to do before then! i have tidied up my room, so that is taken care of. i am keeping my fingers crossed, that i can schedule my appointment for my drivers license, which i was supposed to get a while back! but i have been lazy. i am praying and praying that i will get in before december 10th! i have heard it is quite busy. that is the date however i wish to get my license, because soon after, i go back home to my sweet sweet hawaii! how i miss it.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Polaroid Happy

Goodness Gracious how i adore polaroids!! I have been taged by Michelle from Sticky Kitten! It is the 6 Unimportant Things That Make You Happy tag. The rules are: mention the person who nominated you. list 6 unimportant things that make you happy. tag 5 blogs. state the rules. notify them with a teeny comment on their blog that they have been nominated.

Hmmmmm, 6unimportant things that make me happy...
1. When im walking down the street and a perfect stranger compliments me. i get that cheerful, happy, lighthearted feeling inside that makes my day all the brighter.
2. Falling asleep outside under the stars. Theres something about the outside wind quietly blowing against my skin and the rustling of the leaves, the glowing of the moon, and the dark night sky. its so relaxing and peaceful.
3. Candles! Candles! Candles! Have i mentioned i love candles? the lovely smell of candles and the flicker of the light in a dark room. If i go out shopping, and all i buy is a candle i am as happy as a little kid in a candy shop.
4. Writing and sending secret letters to friends. I love to write and decorate little notes to send to my friends, as well as boyfriend. I love the feeling i get when i find a letter in the mail for me. i want all my friends to have that happy feeling once in a while to.
5. Going out for breakfast. Its my favorite. The smell of sweet yummy pancakes and eggs with some blueberries and strawberries, in a cute little cafe, the sun rising, and the morning freshness. it all makes me very very happy.
6. When im woken up with a call from charles micheal. it doesnt happen alot. he's a few hours ahead of me. so when i get a call from him saying goodmorning at 4am it puts the biggest smile on my face. and i fall back asleep with my sweet smile.

I Tag:
My Sweet Jazzy from Starflower and Indigo
The Beautiful Loveology
My Ryan from Gummybears for us

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

a furry little visit.

suprise. suprise. as i ate my breakfast i was quietly being watched by a little friend. he seemed so curious as he stared at me through the patio door. he wondered around the patio for quite some time, and wasnt shy or scared when i started taking pictures. he was such a lovely photogenic fox.
the snow didnt last all day. it melted by the afternoon. but what a beautiful site to wake up to. my winter wonderland. the day was still cold enough to have hot chocolate. yummm!
i cut out pictures from my nylon magazines to make a collage on a plain white envolope. i had lots of fun pasting and glueing. my fingers kept sticking together.

two pages i added to my ceiling. such beautiful pictures. reminded me of my polaroid camera, so i went to the store and bought film to take pictures. which i will post later. right now its time for me to finish up my laundry and get under the warm covers and fall fast asleep. 14more days!

ps. one last thing!! I have the tea drinking english rose to thank for my big big smile and such a lovely award! how sweet of you! i am truely so happy.

Monday, November 10, 2008

What lovely things

Such a beautiful pink sky to sleep under and pretty moon to look at through the bedroom window. i wish my sky at night looked like this everynight as i drift off to sleep...

the day was spent sleeping away. sweet dreams. and yummy treats to wake up to. much work is waiting to get done. my laundry is piling up high. school books need reading. papers to be written. and my messy room is waiting patiently to be tidied up. of course i cant get anything done. because i get so distracted with silly things....

I painted my pot with glitter and tied a bunch of pink ribbon around it. and put my rosemerry into it. it smells so lovely and looks perfect on my shelf next to my little piggy bank a sweet gift from my dear friend Starflower and Indigo. When i woke up from my long nap my mother had made such delicious blueberry scones and cut up all the strawberries. i hate them while looking through magazines and pictures to cut out to paste into my notebook.

im flying to disneyland in two weeks. and my best friend and cousin will be there also. im so excited to see them. i miss my family and friends so dearly. and only 16more days till i fly to see my charles michael!! such a wonderful november ahead of me.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Flicker Caught My Eye

I love the softness and beauty from these photos...

Its a quiet morning, my family has left to help paint the church down the street. I love waking up to a quiet house, i turned on the radio and washed the dishes, took the trash out, and vaccumed. Im sure it will give sweet smiles to my mother's face, she deserves it though. She is the one always cleaning up after me and my sisters. Lastnight, i guess she came up to check on me after i had fallen asleep and noticed i was curled up in a ball because it was so cold. I woke up to a nicely toasted room, and the soft buzzing noise of a tiny heater. How sweet, she brought up a portable heater to keep me warm durning the night. Maybe that is why i slept so peacefully...

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Dear Readers,

it snowed all night, and is still snowing. it is already 2pm and the sun finally decided to shine. it is beautiful outside. the snow sparkles in the sunlight and makes it look like glitter is falling from the sky. im sitting on my sofa, infront of the fire place, sipping a cup of green tea and looking through my new free people magazine that came in the mail yesterday! its filled with gorgeous photos, lovely outfitts, and i even found some really cute decorating ideas.

I love this jacket, for the winter.
It looks so soft and comfy! I am always buying jackets. I get cold so easily!

I just think this is such a pretty photo. i love the soft pink and grey, the layering, and her little hippie headband.

This is cute to.
The catalog, has so many more wonderful clothes!!
How fun would it be to be a model for them!!
(Oh! excuse me while i french braid my sisters hair)
alright im back. Ive told her over and over again that i dont know how to french braid. yet she still asks me to. speaking about hair, ive found a new way of styling my hair. i tease it at the top and pin it up with bobby pins...kinda like a half up half down, but sometimes i pull the rest into a pony tail. i like it alot, its very clean looking and makes me a bit older looking. which i love because i look much younger than i really am. everyone tells me ill appriencate it when im much much older. but for now, id like to look my age instead of someone much younger.
I feel though, no matter how old i get ill never really grow up. im in love with kiddish things like:

*Never wanting to go to bed at night, and then never wanting to wake up in the morning
*Watching sunday morning cartoons. like Tom and Jerry or The Flintstones
*Getting sticky hands from my melting ice cream (ive never learned to eat my ice cream quick enough so that it doesnt melt all over me)
*Taking bubble baths
*Jumping on the bed
*Goodnight kisses
*Stuffed animals, i still have my teddy bear from when i was 2years old
*Watching Disney movies like The Little Mermaid, Alice in Wonderland, Peter Pan, Cinderalla, Snow White. All my favorite.
*Getting excited about little things
*Eatting with my hands (i cant help it)
*Being read to
and so many more things, im still a little kid at heart
Xoxo, Lilly
p.s. 20more days!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Sweet Dreams

Every year me and my sisters put together a wishlist of things we want for Christmas. We each decorate our list and add to it as the month goes on, until the week of Christmas. Usually we dont start until December, but this year we are to excited to wait so lastnight i got together with my sister and we started making our list. I also made a light pink tutu, finished up my letters to charles michael, cleaned up (just a little), studied for my classes, and by the end of the night i was so exaughsted that i fell asleep in the pink tutu. I had sweet dreams, and i was woken up with the sweetest text message...
FROM: Charles Michael
"Good morning most beautiful girl in the universe! I figure you either went to sleep or didnt get my text (lastnight) I just want to tell you i love you and i am so glad i have you in my life. I love you nikki stick! Mwaa!"
It deffinantly started my day off with the biggest smile! he comes up with the funniest nick names for me, like nikki stick, sugar stick, and bamboo stick...hes got such an imagination, which i love. 23more days!
So far i have accessories from Betsey Johnson on my wishlist. She is my favorite designer, i love her funky sassy style. i also love headbands, and this one is soo cute!!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Together Again <3

Its the first of the month!
Im so excited to finally see my charles michael on the 26th!! Im starting to count down the days, its been much to long since we've last been together, i miss him dearly! Thanksgiving at his house will be amazing, and with my busy weeks ahead, im sure time will fly by, and ill be jumping into his arms in no time!!