Saturday, April 18, 2009

a short post with snowflake eyelashes

Easter morning i woke up to find a tiny gift waiting for me on my bathroom counter. i slowly opened it to find the prettiest little headband. mascara. a pinky lipgloss. and some yummy chcolate. i started nibbling on the chocolate before i could take a picture of my sweet gift.
i stumbled upon the cutest little tag this week! but i cannot remember where so i am sorry i cannot mention the sweet blog i found it on. All you have to do is answer with the first thing you think of when you read the phrase. & tag two people.

Don't forget to: kiss me goodnight
Can't live without: the midnight moon & its twinkling star friends
My last dream: made me laugh
The place you miss most: home
Going out: for breakfast, is my favorite
Close your eyes: &im in your arms

i tag the creative Michelle from Sticky Kitten & Sara from Thursday Afternoons <3333

it snowed all day yesterday. &i was trapped in the house. i looked out my window & watched as the snowflakes came falling fast from the sky. i had a tiny photoshoot with my little sister. she wore a pink tutu i made a while ago. it was a bit silly of us. but we laughed and had fun.


courtney jane said...

pretty tutu :) i so wish it snowed where i am. luckily the mountain is only a few hours drive away to go skiing! Lucky you on easter! Sounds cool.
by the way such pretty calming music on your teddy playlist! Love it

sara said...

thank you for the tag! i've done it at my blog :)
your sister looks so sweet in the pink tutu in the snow! lovely photos.

Sam said...

That are some cute photos! And you look so beautiful and your little sister looks so adorable

Eva. said...

the photoshoot is really pretty!

Anonymous said...

just thought i'd let you know that i have added your blog to my blog links on my blog because your blog is just so lovely <3

courtney jane said...

where are you lily? i miss reading your blog, it's so sweet and lovely. i hope you write again very soon!

Anonymous said...

LOVE the tutu! So sweet xx

courtney jane said...

Check my blog - I've tagged you! Have a sweet day :)

Erimentha said...

cute fairy skirt =)

a mouse said...

*aw that tutu is the CUTESst!*

Cherry Diva said...

Where are you? I keep wanting to read more of your lovely posts, but you're not there. :(

Al Spaulding said...

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