Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Smiles To You

Todays my day off! I made myself breakfast and then jumped right back into bed to eat it and watch my favorite cartoon tom and jerry. I cant wait till i hv someone to make me my breakfast in bed. but until then i dont mind making my own.
i dont care for sryup all that much. if i do have it. i always dip my food into it. never drizzle it over my food. i dont know why but ive never liked it that way. you cant see my pretty sparkly silver toes. but i painted them lastnight before was a gift from my best friend joelle. who i call joeylove.

oh! i had this white wine tea, its delicious. its called napa blanca. from a little tea shop here in hawaii. Isabella was still rather tired, and she had no reason to be. All she does is stay home. maybe just going up and down the stairs and following me threw out the house, makes her sleepy. today im going to take her to the park or maybe even the beach.
Ok, im off to spend the day with V one of my other betsies! we smile and giggle all around our beautiful hawaii. tanning on beaches. walking threw malls. eatting at favorite little restaurants. batting our eyelashes. taking silly pictures. singing out loud. quietly drinking tea. riding bikes while talking story. spotting out all the eye candy whispering our secrets. speaking our own language. writing in pretty notebooks. ending each day with a hug. &i have yet to know wat todays adventure is...



Cherry Diva said...

That sounds lovely.
Have fun :-)

Anonymous said...

Love seeing your posts!!
I enjoy breakfast in bed... but breakfast on the deck at home is also lovely, especially on a warm sunny morning


notebook doodles said...

oh, hello there :) i hope you keep posting on your blog now!

Monster Girl said...

Your morning looks beautiful! Have fun at the beach!

sara said...

you are too adorable dear :) i loveee your teapot! i hope you had a magical adventure with your friend :)

courtney jane said...

Hi again Lily! :) glad to see you back
Lovely posts as usual your blog is so cute! Oh I do love breakfast in bed too!
Your life sounds lovely at the moment:)

reeeesah♥ said...

Breakfast in Bed? Cute. :] <3


Anonymous said...

you are adorable!

Anonymous said...

Award for you lovely!
Check my blog


Anonymous said...

And another award


Lauren the Writer said...

That is the most beautiful tea pot I've ever seen!

~Abby~ said...
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~Abby~ said...

Ah I love breakfast in bed.
Hawaii sounds great right now, with 2 feet of snow here where I live.

Erimentha said...

:) you're so pretty!

:) hawaii! oh wow!


Brooklynn said...

You're so pretty,(:
And we both like the same tea which it Chia,(:

courtney jane said...

Award for your sweet sweet blog on..well my blog haha. Enjoy! :)

usual-daily-life said...

Good pictures!!
Thank you. blog:
Usual daily life and a photograph

Cherry Diva said...

Wow, looks SO good ♥
Hey hey! You've been tagged! Hop over to my blog to have a look :-)

courtney jane said...

Missing your posts Lily! I love your little musings. Hope to see you back soon!

Angel said...

that looks so lovely. the perfect way to relax. i love your teacups!