Friday, December 5, 2008

i want to dream in the clouds

so very exhausted i am. running around all day. i forgot it was a friday. tomorrow i will sleep in. tucked away under my butterfly sheets. nice and warm i will stay. and drift off into a sweet sweet daydream. of sunshine and daisies. cotton candy and pink sprinkles. unicorns and little fairies. and ill wake with a smile and ill be all rested. but still i may spend the saturday on the sofa in front of the fire place watching movies like the holiday and home alone. drinking hot cocoa as it snows outside. i think it most appropriate for the christmassy season. oh! and i could wrap presents at the same time.

my pixie dust and new rainbow blue plate i found in georgia at a second hand store. with my butterfly hair clips and new heart earrings. i love pretty hair clips to pin my curly hair back.

i had a few gingerbread cookies before getting ready for bed. i think santa would love if i left him little gingerbread cookies on christmas eve. what do u think? with a glass of milk.


notebookdoodles said...

i love love your hair. so pretty. i wish mine was that long =(

hope you have a greaaaat weekend!!


Sam said...

I think santa would love to have some gingerbread cookies. Especially when he gets them from such a pretty girl ^^ You really look pretty and you have such beautiful hair

sara said...

you are very pretty and i love the bottle of pixie dust!
it looks like the glitter i used to put in my reindeer food at christmas time so that they would see my house and fly down for santa to stop :)

the tea drinking english rose said...

i think that santa would love that so very much.
maybe you could put a little white icing for a beard.
you are very pretty. i adore your hair a lot a lot.

ohh sweetness, i would very much appreciate your help with my research. i can imagine your pretty pink photographs.
thank you so much for wanting to help me, so lovely.


Mila said...

Hiii gorgeous! <3
First of all, you look awesome, really!
And such a gorgeous blue plate that is!

Thanks a million for your very lovely comment.
My paper cranes are going very well actually, esterday i finally hang some of them up on the ceiling, it looks great!

Thanks dear.


shilvia said...

i gave you an award my dearest!!!

Nicole said...

I can see a suitcase in the background that needs to be unpacked. Don't worry I have one in my room too. lol.

erin meagan said...

Gingerbread cookies are great.
I love the fairy dust!

the tea drinking english rose said...

i have given you an award because you are so cute and amazing and lovely.
and your comments make me so happy and cheery. and your posts make me feel girly and little.

StickyKitten said...

you're adorable! sweet dreams!

Betsey said...

your hair is so pretty! i just love it.
and i just love your blog, i am so glad to have stumbled across it!