Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A Quick Hello

hello darlings!

i am having such a lovely time here in california. seeing my dearest friends and sweet cousin. shopping down melrose and eatting cake at little cafes. buying christmas gifts and finding the cutest little black flats, for myself. seeing a certain celebrity (he was very much a cutie) and taking tons of fun pictures.

i have no time to actually post with pictures and tell of my adventures. but i promise to when i get home. tomorrow i leave very very early to head to georgia. how exciting. seeing my sweet charles michael after such a long time. i have tiny butterflies in my stomach and my little cheer faires in my head are jumping up and down for joy.

im off to pack and get to sleep. Night!

much love to all,


notebookdoodles said...

who did you see?? i'm curious =) and it sounds like you're having so much fun! shopping and eating with people you love.

have a safe trip to georgia!! and i can't wait for your update with photos!!


shilvia said...

dearest lily, i wouldnt mind at all...flattered actually!!! thank you so vey much...you sound like you're having a blast ;D enjoy sweets...

StickyKitten said...

Glad to hear that you are having such a great time in Cali! I am curious who did you see?? I used to see celebrities in the supermarkets and restaurants all the time in LA--it is always so funny and strange when you see them in person--they always looks so small!

Have a safe flight & fun with Charles Michael. Oh, and of course have a wonderful Thanksgiving....thank you SO much for all your sweet comments~they truely make my day!

sparkle said...

oh my good lily wauw,
friday im going to melrose myself,
its so strange but nice to see that you were so close here to me.
it rained a lot today in santa monica, i found it so nice. its so different from the past months here.
i hope georgia will be wonderful too.
i cant wait for the photos :) xxxxx

Nicole said...

i miss you already. so sad we onlly got to spend one day together. at least we got to be bed buddies. lol.

come back to cali and we'll hang out in Orange County with better everything :-)

love you. tell charles hi.

Anonymous said...

Ah Happy Thanksgiving! :) you're awfully cute

hrose said...

wow which celeb? mmmm sounds cute.
i saw hugh jackman the other day in the supermarket, very very very lovely. and oh so tall!

sounds like you are having such an amaing time! i'm so jealous of the cakes, the shoes, the shopping and the fun. can't wait to see the pics and hear all about it!