Tuesday, January 20, 2009

My Smile Is From You

Whispering in the movies,
Laughing at each other,
Treating me at the ice cream shop.
At the second goodbye, I didn’t want to leave
With your laughter
My smile grew and heart melted to
Who would have thought?
The two of me and you
Together while the clock was ticking.
Back and Forth the same ride twice
until we found the road to take
Muddy hike and little giggles
My heart smiled till it was over
my last day, an acaia bowl for breakfast
an almost food fight
a perfect hug, I didn’t want to leave
the sparkle of my little secret,
i want to STAY!
watch the pink and orange sunset
laugh and smile...forever

i wrote in my notebook. and fell asleep. naps are ever so wonderful. you wake up refreshed and ready to study. atleast thats what i had to do. but not for to long.
goodnight bloggers! i hope you enjoyed the poem <3


StickyKitten said...

cute picture =)
nice poem...glad that you are back to blogging again! are you going to be able to see your boy for valentine's day??

Indie.Tea said...

I just stumbled on your blog today...its perfectly enchanting! Your photos (especially the Polaroids) are exquisite...

roboroot said...

luckily I just on your blog today...very nice reflection
its perfectly enchanting!