Friday, January 16, 2009

Far Far Away In Paradise

It seems as if ive been away for an entire sparkly life time and two moons. Lost in the beauty on the island of Oahu. Watching the pretty sunsets, hiking the luscious green mountains, swimming in the glassy blue oceans, laughing with friends and family, and finding little treasures.
christmas and new years eve was as magical as it always is. christmas morning presents were unwrapped and surprised faces were a joy to see pumpkin pancakes were delish! and lunch with the family was filled with laughter and hugs. fireworks popping at midnight to celebrate 2009. apple cider. red wine. cheers and people shouting "Happy New Year!" couples kissing. happy faces. rhinestone headbands. tea plates. a strand of colourful good luck elephants. notebooks. pens. perfume. nail polish. and fizzy bubble bath balls. all my little treasures i picked up on my lovely stay in hawaii. my firework pictures i must track down. i will add them as soon as i find those silly pictures. now its time for me to go downstairs and make myself a warm cup of tea and then bundle up to go down to main street and run few errands. I cant wait to sit down tomorrow and read all the post ive missed and catch up on my reading. and thank you for the comments!

Have a lovely weekend sweet bloggers!


erin meagan said...

your trip seems glorious!
and i LOVED the pictures!

notebookdoodles said...

yay!! you're back!
i was starting to miss your posts =)

ps. you look pretty as always.
and your holiday sounds amazing!


sara said...

you are very pretty & i love your headband!
what a beautiful trip you had, your photos are so nice.
it's good to hear that you had a good christmas and new years!
look forward to more of your posts <3
xx sara

StickyKitten said...

so glad u are back! missed u! happy new year! i love the photos!!! ur trip looked wonderful!

Nicole said...

That love book is really cute. I'm going to ask you about it, next time I talk to you. hehe.

courtney jane said...

gorgeous photography!! wow so inspiring :)
are you wearing a hello kitty ring in one of your pics? if so isn't hk adorable? hehe