Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Twinkle Twinkle

my room is slowly disappearing into brown boxes that are piling up. im moving! not far however. just up the street around the corner and threw the trees. the sweet tunes of john mayer. meaghan smith. matt hires. and susie suh have been playing all weekend long. ive danced around my room. day dreamed away. and made silly faces in the mirror. do u like my bangs? its so different for me. but i am getting used to it...
its ok to cry. a broken heart. a cookie or two. friends to make me laugh. and snow to make all things beautiful again. this week was hard. charles micheal and i are no more. but i have cried my tears away. now i choose to be happy. Valentines Day i am going to visit my best friend Livi in Chicago. how excited we both are to see each other. and we have decided to dress up and go to a fancy dance. drink tea and eat cupcakes. stay up late and watch movies in black and white. paint each others nails and dance to happy music.
i am still stuck in my winter wonderland. its been warm lately. so much that the pond melted. and i saw duckies swimming around. i named them and sang them little songs. sitting inside near the fire i sat looking up at the stars. connecting the dots to makes silly constellations. i wish i lived on the moon in a far away galaxy with purple gold and turquoise stardust. or in an open meadow. with pink and orange butterflies to whisper little secrets to. and peanut butter sandwiches on sweet white bread to share with the fluffy grey rabbits that would hop and bop around the meadow with the baby lambs. id pick pretty daises to stick in my hair and have pretty acoustic music to fall asleep to. some thing like this...
i have been horrible at replying to comments. forgive me! my life has been all over the place lately. ive read every single one of them and they all make me smile and happy inside. you all are so sweet. and i may not comment on your posts but i do visit your pages and read ur posts (:


notebookdoodles said...

i am so sorry to hear that!! but you should know that you are a very brave girl to be moving on =) because we all know that it's not easy.

your bangs are gorgeous and you are too!! have a fantastic day, lily =)


sara said...

when i was younger i always always wanted to move. packing everything up and getting a new room was my dream! so i hope that you are excited for the change :)

your bangs are so so beautiful and so is the headband you have in! you are stunning, really.

i'm sorry to hear about your relationship but i hope things haven't been too hard on you. you sound like things are going okay and i do hope they are <33

xx sara

Nicole said...

i think you should make your cousins some mix cds. hehe.

erin meagan said...

i love your headband, and the picture of those cookies makes me ever so hungry!

Anonymous said...


I'm sorry about what happened. I hope you feel much better soon.

I love your bangs. You look even prettier. :)

StickyKitten said...

Oh-so-sorry to hear about you and your boy--but maybe it is for the best? I like your bangs! I cut my hair into bangs right after I broke up with someone and then met someone new! So my experience with bangs=they bring good change. Plus you are moving!! new stuff is in store ;-) xo

The Cherry Blog said...

Your valentines day sounds like mine will! sweet post - things post man are always crappy and confusing, hope ur ok.

ps - love the hair girl! xx

LITTLE J said...

great blog. I love your hair!

shilvia said...

i hope you're well dear...you look so cute with that gorgeous headband :)

Mila said...

You look SO absolutely beautiful!

I hope you feel great!


Indie.Tea said...

I just got bangs like yours a few hours ago today!
I pulled my hair and am trying to get used my bangs too.

strawberrys and cream (: said...

your bangs are very pretty (:
at first i was like whats bangs?
he he because over here we say fringe so i've never heard of the word bangs.
hope you had fun in chicago.
the picture of the snow is very lovely ♥

p.s you're very pretty to :D

the shinnicks said...

hi, sweet nikki! hope you had a great v-day. praying for you and your beautiful heart. god is good no matter what. ^_^ we love you tons.

sara said...

hi again :)
i left you a little award on my blog!

notebookdoodles said...

hi there =) i tagged you in my blog. hopefully you'll check it out!


shirls said...

Your blog is adorable!
And you remind me of a pretty fashion model in ViVi magazine, Kana Oya.

<3 Shirls

Anonymous said...
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princesscourtz said...

Wow I really like your blog I've subscribed :). It's so inspiring all your pics of like the cookie and tea and sparkly stuff all make me smile hehe. I can see you like your world to be beautiful and that's really cool :)