Tuesday, November 11, 2008

a furry little visit.

suprise. suprise. as i ate my breakfast i was quietly being watched by a little friend. he seemed so curious as he stared at me through the patio door. he wondered around the patio for quite some time, and wasnt shy or scared when i started taking pictures. he was such a lovely photogenic fox.
the snow didnt last all day. it melted by the afternoon. but what a beautiful site to wake up to. my winter wonderland. the day was still cold enough to have hot chocolate. yummm!
i cut out pictures from my nylon magazines to make a collage on a plain white envolope. i had lots of fun pasting and glueing. my fingers kept sticking together.

two pages i added to my ceiling. such beautiful pictures. reminded me of my polaroid camera, so i went to the store and bought film to take pictures. which i will post later. right now its time for me to finish up my laundry and get under the warm covers and fall fast asleep. 14more days!

ps. one last thing!! I have the tea drinking english rose to thank for my big big smile and such a lovely award! how sweet of you! i am truely so happy.


hrose said...

wow what a cute little fox! i can't believe you got so many photos... and the snow is just gorgeous too. ah! i'm so jealous. i wish it snowed here.

you've reminded me that i need to get glue to make collages and work on my inspiration book. don't you just love sticky fingers though! so much fun.

ah congratulations on the award! i was given it too. i was smiling like a crazy person when i found out as well.


sophiejade said...

what a little darling, i wish we had foxes and snow around here. thankyou for linking me i will link you back - your blog is so sweet.

Anonymous said...

Oh my, what a charming fox! I have never seen one as close as that, he's a beauty!!!!

Take care,

Mademoiselle M.

StickyKitten said...

WOW-that fox encounter is truely amazing!!!!

You are so lucky to have gotten that close a view!

ps-I tag your blog=)

shilvia said...

i am in love...big time...with your blog that is!!!! lovely is the word :)