Monday, November 3, 2008

Sweet Dreams

Every year me and my sisters put together a wishlist of things we want for Christmas. We each decorate our list and add to it as the month goes on, until the week of Christmas. Usually we dont start until December, but this year we are to excited to wait so lastnight i got together with my sister and we started making our list. I also made a light pink tutu, finished up my letters to charles michael, cleaned up (just a little), studied for my classes, and by the end of the night i was so exaughsted that i fell asleep in the pink tutu. I had sweet dreams, and i was woken up with the sweetest text message...
FROM: Charles Michael
"Good morning most beautiful girl in the universe! I figure you either went to sleep or didnt get my text (lastnight) I just want to tell you i love you and i am so glad i have you in my life. I love you nikki stick! Mwaa!"
It deffinantly started my day off with the biggest smile! he comes up with the funniest nick names for me, like nikki stick, sugar stick, and bamboo stick...hes got such an imagination, which i love. 23more days!
So far i have accessories from Betsey Johnson on my wishlist. She is my favorite designer, i love her funky sassy style. i also love headbands, and this one is soo cute!!


StickyKitten said...

that's so cool that you made a pink tutu--so creative!

(: said...

Omg haha, i already started making my christmas list too! i thought it was only me :P