Tuesday, November 18, 2008

tea for the week

so very very busy i have been! lots of lovely things filled my week:
a cup of sugar cookie sleigh ride tea. vanilla cake. christmas music. chocolate covered strawberries. jasmine tea. lots of studying for different tests. packing bit by bit. alterations to a dress i bought 3sizes to big. card games with my sister. food fights with my mother. dancing and singing. napping. long phone conversations. sweet smiles. dreaming. painting. more smiling. sugar plum spice tea. laughing. picture taking. staring up at the stars. milk and cookies. christmas shopping. lots of planing and thinking for the future. and slowly wrapping pretty little gifts.
my ceiling is covered more than before, but still not completely. today i mailed lots of little letters out, wrapped a few gifts, practiced the song santa baby, and had lots and lots of tea. im recording a christams cd, for fun, this friday. im nervous and excited. the songs playing now are songs i recorded for fun, a while back. this week ive got to pack pack pack! and study study study! thats all i should be doing, but of course as always, i get distracted.
i talked and talked and talked to my best friend last night. a much needed conversation to make up for the past few months. it was so good to get to talk to her. made me smile the night away. it is already wednesday and i leave saturday, and there is oh so much to do before then! i have tidied up my room, so that is taken care of. i am keeping my fingers crossed, that i can schedule my appointment for my drivers license, which i was supposed to get a while back! but i have been lazy. i am praying and praying that i will get in before december 10th! i have heard it is quite busy. that is the date however i wish to get my license, because soon after, i go back home to my sweet sweet hawaii! how i miss it.


notebookdoodles said...

such a lovely dress and such a pretty and delicate tea cup! i have been thinking of buying these pretty tea cups that i've seen around. i think i just might.. when i see them next again =)

sounds like life has been hectic but fun for you. i love really the little details in your post.

anyways, i am working on christmas things too! hopefully i will finish them off soon. don't you just love all the festivity around christmas?!

i hope all is well with you =)


Mila said...

Hi dear,

What a lovely post, once again.
That teacup is just gorgeous.... i also have lots of beautiful teacups like that, but i never drink out of them, because they stand so pretty in the (open) closet. haha.

Thank you so much for your amazing comment! <3

I am still thinking what to do with the paper cranes. I think i will just hang some of them around the house, from the ceiling and see what that looks like.

Bye, love!


StickyKitten said...

I can't believe that is you singing! Not that I can't beleive it but--Wow, it sounds so professional for being 'just for fun'! You are so talented...are you pursuing singing as a career?? I would if I had your voice!

It's also so cool that you are from Hawaii!!!

shilvia said...

i spy....pretty pretty teacups!!!!

Charlotte Drene said...

What a gorgeous teacup!