Thursday, November 6, 2008

Dear Readers,

it snowed all night, and is still snowing. it is already 2pm and the sun finally decided to shine. it is beautiful outside. the snow sparkles in the sunlight and makes it look like glitter is falling from the sky. im sitting on my sofa, infront of the fire place, sipping a cup of green tea and looking through my new free people magazine that came in the mail yesterday! its filled with gorgeous photos, lovely outfitts, and i even found some really cute decorating ideas.

I love this jacket, for the winter.
It looks so soft and comfy! I am always buying jackets. I get cold so easily!

I just think this is such a pretty photo. i love the soft pink and grey, the layering, and her little hippie headband.

This is cute to.
The catalog, has so many more wonderful clothes!!
How fun would it be to be a model for them!!
(Oh! excuse me while i french braid my sisters hair)
alright im back. Ive told her over and over again that i dont know how to french braid. yet she still asks me to. speaking about hair, ive found a new way of styling my hair. i tease it at the top and pin it up with bobby pins...kinda like a half up half down, but sometimes i pull the rest into a pony tail. i like it alot, its very clean looking and makes me a bit older looking. which i love because i look much younger than i really am. everyone tells me ill appriencate it when im much much older. but for now, id like to look my age instead of someone much younger.
I feel though, no matter how old i get ill never really grow up. im in love with kiddish things like:

*Never wanting to go to bed at night, and then never wanting to wake up in the morning
*Watching sunday morning cartoons. like Tom and Jerry or The Flintstones
*Getting sticky hands from my melting ice cream (ive never learned to eat my ice cream quick enough so that it doesnt melt all over me)
*Taking bubble baths
*Jumping on the bed
*Goodnight kisses
*Stuffed animals, i still have my teddy bear from when i was 2years old
*Watching Disney movies like The Little Mermaid, Alice in Wonderland, Peter Pan, Cinderalla, Snow White. All my favorite.
*Getting excited about little things
*Eatting with my hands (i cant help it)
*Being read to
and so many more things, im still a little kid at heart
Xoxo, Lilly
p.s. 20more days!


the tea drinking english rose said...

you are so lovely.

and would i mind if you linked me?? oh dear no i would not, in fact i will link you back as i am very much smilie reading your posts.

and i am completely happy for you that it snowed. i hope you got to make snow fairies and catch snowflakes.
i hope you know that if you catch a snowflake in the palm of your hand you make a wish! if not, then now you do!


Nicole said...

Yay for snow! I know you don't quite like it all year, but it is beautiful.

I miss you. And I'm thinking of starting a blog today, I know I'm always saying that. But I'm kinda not feeling well and it would give me something to do.

Love you muchos