Sunday, November 23, 2008

all smiles today

such sweet comments to come back to after a long day of traveling. Thank you! i had hoped to post before i left, but i was still packing an hour before leaveing for the airport. i was sent this pretty picture of the sunrise yesterday morning from my betsie Olivia.

yesterday i had taekwondo testing. hehe. it was my first test. i only just started. i was so nervous but i broke a board and passed my test. after passing i hurried home to finish packing and leave for the airport. such a long drive it was. but such a yummy lunch to make up for the long drive. a sweet pastery and green tea.

california isnt as cold as where i live now. but it was still cold. so i cozzied up to the fire for a short while while i waited for my best friend to get to the hotel. shes spending thanksgiving here from hawaii!! i was so happy to see her.

thank you again for the smile bringing comments! i am off to get ready for the day. today i will spend at Disney Land. i will be back with magical pictures for you all. and i will be sure to reply if not tonight tomorrow morning.

have a lovely weekend!


StickyKitten said...

Have a wonderful thanksgiving!!!

notebookdoodles said...

the sunset is so very pretty!! and you do taekwondo?? wow.. that's impressive!

have fun at disneyland =)


shilvia said...

lovely i wish i could witness one of those!!!yummm danish???enjoy disneyland dearest!!!

Sprinkle said...

Oohhh, I love the sunrise! So pretty. :)
And your shoes are adorable...
What a cute blog, I just love it!

Nicole said...

I'm in class right now...but in a few hours I get to see you. :-)

sara said...

you have a very pretty journal and very pretty pictures <3