Sunday, October 12, 2008

No shopping for the shopaholic and No more summer

(my socks make me look like i have no feet!)

This weekend i went down to the city and walked past all the divine things to buy in the mall. Why do i have to be so poor? All the cute headbands and jewlery and perfumes, oh! and lets not forget shoes! it all makes me quite determined to put an end to my empty wallet. However, i did buy myself some flowers becuse thats about all i had money for. I love love love decorating my room with flowers. It most certainly made my day. and i think its officially winter because its absolutley freezing outside, so today im packing away all my summer dresses and making room for my coats, scarfs, hats, and boots! but NOT my favorite top! i refuse to pack it away for the winter, to bundle up ill just wear a thin jacket and my new balck and white coat over it. i just love the jewwl detail. oh, how could i forget...i painted my nails! hot pink. its always fun painting ur own nails, ive become quit good actually.

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