Thursday, October 23, 2008

I Want...I Need <3

I want these boots to keep my little toes warm this winter!

I remeber wanting to buy these dresses while i was in NYC over the summer. but i didnt. and now they're on sale at UO. If only i didnt live so far away form a mall, id be rushing to ring these two up at the register.

and if i cant wear them becasue its to cold
I LOVE TO BUY THEM (and fill my closet with them!!)


(: said...

You use to live by the beach? Lucky! I would love to live on a beach, just to chill on the sand and listen to the waves all day(:

Nicole said...

Those two pairs of boots are super cute. I'm still trying to find a good part of tall and short boots but I'm so picky or I want the $300 ones. lol

those dresses are darling too. come visit me and we'll go to uo.

hrose said...

lovely boots!
the colour is fabulous.
hope you have a lovely weekend!

NonchalantMod said...

also trying to find some lovely leather the second ones!

Anonymous said...