Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Snowy Snowy Day

Today was perfect for: rosemarry crackers, cheese, apple slices, and of course a cup of tea! i tried a new tea today, blueberry green tea. it wasnt my favorite, i loved the smell more than the way it tasted, but i enjoyed it a bit more after adding a couple german sugar rocks. It snowed mostly all day and i didnt feel like getting out of my comfy grey sweatpants and black long sleeve. so i stayed bundled up on the sofa and studied the day away. ive got alot to study this week.

Everytime i grow my bangs out, i want them cut again.
Everytime i cut them, i want them grown out.
Why cant i make up my mind whether to have them long or short?
I wish it were easy to decide, but i cant seem to make up my mind.
I have all new magazines! ill be able to finish covering my ceiling with magazine pages...


hrose said...

ah i'm exactly the same with my fringe... when its long i want it back, and when it's there i just wish i didn't have a fringe at all. I like the security of a fringe, you can sort of hide behind it... But then i think that it is too much of a disguise. i don't know...

my ceiling is covered too! it's so much fun, although when people stay over they always say that it feels like they;re being watched ahahha. :D

sounds like you had a lovely day though, snow, tea, cheese and crackers... I wish it snowed in australia!
thanks for the comment, i'm adding you to my links, i hope you don't mind!

Anonymous said...