Thursday, October 9, 2008

Vanilla Lattes, Zuchini Wraps, and Baby Outfitts

Since the sun was out today i walked down to the local coffee shop to sit out on their pattio and study my history. I ordered a vanilla latte and bought the cutest notebook they were selling. I studied outside until the sun went down behind the mountains, then i moved inside where i was suprised to find completely empty! I had many places to choose from, but i decided to sit on the leather sofa and continue reading. They had Billie Holiday playing soflty, which i loved!
So i came home and put on my playlist of jazz music and cooked dinner. I made zuchini lasagna and while it cooked in the oven, i had to hand feed my isabella. For some reason she wouldnt eat unless i sat next to her bowl and fed her each kibble of food, one at a time. I dont know whats gotten into her...
I've finished writing my letters for my boyfriend this week, now i have to put them in an envolope and get down to the post office to mail them out. Im thinking of adding a Subway gift card for him since hes been running low on money lately. I just think itd be a sweet suprise...lunch on me!!
On Saturday im going down to denver to have tea with my aunt whose pregnant! Also, my best friend is pregnant and having a girl! So i have to buy her thinking of spoiling her with something form juicy, one of my most favorite brands!!

Aren't these adorable for new born babys. I think shes naming her baby girl Kassidy, but im not sure...i helped her pick out the name, but shes not due till febuary so she has awhile to think about other names. Goodness, I cant wait to have my own baby girl, i can dress up in cute clothes!!

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Nicole said...

awww. I love baby clothes too. and the coffee shop sounds amazing. i love couches. haha.

i hope you find some cute things to buy the new babies in your life.