Sunday, October 19, 2008

Tea For Everyone!

apparently i packed heavy, compared to the rest of my family who only packed one bag each. i had three bags, and still managed to forget tooth brush! luckly i can find that at any local shop.

since last weekend didnt work out, i had high tea with my aunty this weekend at a beautiful historical hotel. they had someone playing the piano, two different types of scones, three different tea sandwiches, and lots of different pasties all extremely delicious. i had jasmine on a cloud tea, the cutest name, i thought.


Nicole said...

So now that you're not on facebook anymore, I will speed up the process in making a blog. lol.

Just what to call it?

sophiejade said...

That tea sounds lovely- jasmine is my favorite.
I love that floral bag too.

(: said...

I love tea, but sweetened(: