Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Just Another Lily Day

Such a beautiful day. and lots of work still to be done. i am in love with the coffee shop down the street. the the hussle and bussle of people in and out yet the calm smoothing jazz makes the enviroment so relaxing. and they have so many delicious treats to choose from, biscottis, cupcakes, giant cookies, blueberry scones, carrott cake, chocolate cake, fruit smoothies, ice cream cones with sprinkles. they have every dessert u could possible think of. today i walked down to quietly sip a cup of green tea and nibble on a slice of banana bread while i studied my history and later i started to journal & daydream about moving to new york city next year, and what that would be like. im excited and cant wait. most people ask if im nervous, and i say not at all. im ready, its been my dream since i was a little girl to move to the city.

How lovely itd be to:
dress up and see the wonderful broadway shows
walk up and down the many streets of fabulous boutique & shops
stand on the curb and hold out your hand to catch a taxi (what a thrill that would be. while all the cars rush past you)
spend a saturday visiting different flee markets and street fairs
setting up a picnic in cetral park
eat in unique little cafes
and just strolling around explore all of new york city

some of my favorite shops. betsey johnson. only hearts. c ronson.
and i will share a secret with you...
jungle plantet. my secret hidden shop i ABSOLUTELY LOVE. she makes beautiful jewelery and has the cutest clothes. a very tiny shop stuffed with lovelyness. i ADORE walking up those stairs and stepping into her little shop of happiness. its just so peaceful looking around at all the little trinkets and treasures she has.


INDIGO said...

what gorgeous pics you take! I didn't know you took such great photo's!! luv u


Nicole said...

I can't wait to come and visit and have you take me to that coffee shop. It sounds so wonderful.
And I also can't wait to come visit you in New York and do all those fun things with you.

love and miss you.

StickyKitten said...

wish I had a coffee shop like that nearby! you are so lucky =)


(: said...

tofu? i heard of it, i heard you can cook it in many ways(:

does walmart or target have vegan stuff? and is vegan food expensive?

by the way since i'm asking so many questions, how're you today:P

lina said...

I love your pictures! yay ny!

R.E.II said...

I love your imagination - and think we share an interest in mermaids?
I would like to return to your page, would you like to connect blogs?
Red Eyes II